Doordarshan Kendra
Jhalana Doongri,
Jaipur -302004,
Rajasthan, India
Telefax : 91-141-2711519
RTI ACT 2005
Right to Information Act, 2005
    Rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records 4(1)(b)(v)
    Statements and Categories of documents under its possession 4(1)(b)(vi)
  1. Particulars for arrangements for Consultation Process. 4(1)(b)(vii)
  2. Directory of officers and employees. 4(1)(b)(ix)
  3. Monthly remuneration of officers and employees 4(1)(b)(x)
  4. Budget allocation. 4(1)(b)(xi)
  5. Manner of execution of Subsidy Programmes including amount 4(1)(b)(xii)
  6. Particulars of recipients of Concessions Permits & Authorization 4(1)(b)(xiii)
  7. Details of information available and held by Kendra in electronic form 4(1)(b)(xiv)
  8. Particulars of facilities available for to citizens 4(1)(b)(xv)
  9. Name, designation and other particulars of the CPIO/ APIO 4(1)(b)(xvi)
  10. The Rules and regulations under the Act, Fees etc.(xvii)
  11. Funds allotted for RTI to DDK Jaipur
  13. Statement of boards, councils, committees and other bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for the purpose of its advice, and as to whether meetings of those boards, councils, committees and other bodies are open to the public, or the minutes of such meetings are accessible for public
  14. CAG and PAC paras(only after these have been laid on the table of both the Houses of Parliament)(xviii)
  15. Implementation of the order passed by the Court of Chief Commissioner for Persons with disability in Case No.3500/1141/2015/0418 dated 20.10.16 reg.
  16. Name, designation and other particulars of the CPIO/ APIO 4(1)(b)(xvi)
  17. Powers and duties. 4(1)(b)(ii)
  18. Norms for Discharge of functions 4(1)(b)(iv)